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Variation orders after financial settlement on divorce

In times of economic uncertainty, when jobs and high value bonuses are being cut, the terms of a divorce settlement made during a better financial climate may suddenly become punitive. The family law solicitors at George Ide LLP can advise you whether it would be in your best interest to seek a variation order in respect of your divorce settlement.

Variation orders may also be granted by the family court where a settlement has been made without full disclosure of all assets or potential earnings, for example.

Whatever the issue in your financial settlement, the divorce solicitors in Chichester, who are part of the George Ide family law team, have the experience and knowledge to advise you on your best course of action to achieve the most positive outcome.

Where necessary we may be able to arrange mediation to enable negotiation of a varied payment schedule in order to avoid the necessity of a court appearance.

George Ide’s family law team has been helping couples through their relationship breakdown issues for more than 40 years – forging strong relationships with clients based on communication, integrity and trust.

Deciding to seek a variation order for a financial settlement on divorce requires careful consideration and expert legal advice. For more information please contact George Ide’s family law solicitors in Chichester. For telephone numbers and email addresses please click on the solicitor profiles featured on this page.