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The right investment advice is essential in helping you sow the seeds for a bright and secure financial future, both for yourself and for your loved ones and dependents.

Leaders in the south of England

George Ide LLP delivers a unique and dedicated approach to investment advice, which helps clients achieve their goals and maximise their investment returns.

We have specialist legal and investment qualifications to provide broad and well-rounded advice to a wide range of private clients.

We are one of the South’s leading full service legal firms and deliver a service that matches our reputation.

Investment trusts

If you are committed to protecting and enhancing your wealth, whatever the general financial climate, then we can help you reach the perfectly tailored solution for your circumstances.

Investment trusts are a tried and tested method of securing long-term returns. They have a reputation for solidity and reliability, even in difficult times – a fact which is supported by the statistics: most analyses suggest that over the early part of the 21st century they outperformed their open-ended rivals.

Although they have long been popular with private client stockbrokers, they have not always been seen as a credible option for the larger investing public. However, because of their strong long-term overall performance, they are proving to be an increasingly attractive option.

The director general of the Association of Investment Companies comments, “They (investment trusts) benefit from a closed-ended structure, allowing managers to take a long-term view and ensuring they are not forced sellers in periods of market volatility.”

Specialist investment advice from George Ide

George Ide LLP’s lawyer-led investment advice team can help you forge the best path to a securer and wealthier future.

With specialist knowledge of investment trusts, direct equities, unit trusts and OEICS, you can rest assured that our unique approach will help you achieve your goals.

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