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Inheritance and probate disputes

When the family or other beneficiaries of a will dispute its contents the situation can quickly become mired in time-consuming wrangling and emotional arguments.  The solicitors at George Ide can help in all manner of inheritance and probate disputes, and wills claims and have the experience necessary to offer legal representation on the many issues arising from intestacy or when another legal advisor has given poor or wrong advice to a testator.

George Ide’s litigation services department can help with:

While we are all free to make wills which allow for the disposal of any assets we may have in any way we see fit, the Inheritance Act does provide protection for certain groups with attachments to a testator or when a person dies intestate, without making a will.

Any claim under the Act needs to be brought within six months of a Grant of Probate being established, so swift action is always advisable in inheritance and probate disputes.

Litigation in inheritance and probate disputes with George Ide LLP

Here at George Ide in Chichester our solicitors can act swiftly and resolutely on your behalf if you feel you have a claim on an estate following a person’s death.

Whilst we always strive to achieve the most positive outcome for clients, we understand that such actions, among family members and following the death of a person, can be very difficult. We are committed to offering a service which minimises stress for our clients and offers the most cost-effective form of resolution for their dispute.

If you wish to talk to an inheritance or probate disputes solicitor at George Ide please call our office in Chichester. Alternatively, to find out more about our litigation services personnel please click on the solicitor profiles featured on the right hand side of this page.