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Probate in Chichester. Specialists George Ide

Although it is possible to deal with probate in Chichester on one’s own behalf, regardless of whether you are seeking Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, the process may be expedited by instructing a specialist probate solicitor to act on your behalf.

Contentious probate

If you are engaged in the sensitive and sometimes divisive matter of contentious probate, the specialists on our Chichester team can help you resolve a dispute. We have experience of wills disputes, probate, and inheritance disputes, and can help with all matters of proper and thorough administration.

We provide clear, authoritative and plain English advice and, although we are prepared to litigate in the most complex and contested of cases, have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring about resolution using alternative dispute resolution means – frequently a cheaper and more amicable option.

Whether you are an administrator, a beneficiary, or an executor, we can act on your behalf to provide a clear and just resolution.

Whether you wish to bring about a claim under the Inheritance Act, to challenge the appointment of an executor, wish to obtain withheld information, or believe that a will might have been drafted negligently, contact our probate in Chichester team.

Chichester Probate Registry Office

Chichester Probate Registry Office is a sub division of the larger Brighton Office. It has limited opening hours so it is advisable to book any appointment well in advance. To do this you will need to contact the Brighton Probate Registry Office.

George Ide LLP probate solicitors

Contact George Ide LLP for all wills and probate matters in Chichester, including grant of probate, wills writing, letters of administration, and contested wills.

We are recognised as one of the region’s leading full service firms and deliver both specialist wills and probate expertise and, when necessary, authority drawn from our broad range of wider specialisms.