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Wills and probate solicitors

Wills and probate solicitors for contested wills

A contested will can cause a great deal of distress and division within a family at an already difficult time. In such instances it can be vital to have the guidance and support of an experienced wills and probate solicitor who can provide clear and authoritative advice about the best way of achieving a just and, if possible, non-contentious solution.

At George Ide LLP our wills and probate solicitors can help with a range of matters related to the complex and challenging area of contested wills.

The need for wills and probate solicitors

Over recent years there has been a growth in the demand for the expertise of wills and probate legal advice.

For the most part a will may be contested on the grounds that it is “unfair” Although these claims will often be spurious or fundamentally unsupportable. However, there are other, more clearly defined reasons, why a will might be contested, these include:

Wills and probate solicitors in Chichester

Whether you want assistance with grant of probate, wills writing or a contested will, the wills and probate solicitors of George Ide’s experienced and nationally recognised team can help progress your interests. Call our offices in Chichester or click on the staff profiles featured on this page for more information and contact details.