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Sussex probate solicitors | How long will it take?

One of the questions most commonly asked of Sussex probate solicitors is, “How long will the process take?”

However, outside of knowing all the individual circumstances and details that accompany each probate application, it is not possible to answer this question with any accuracy.

Normally, once it has been applied for, it can be said that in typical, uncomplicated, cases, it should take around one to two months for grant of probate.

However, cases can vary greatly in complexity – with the status and ownership of many estates taking time to determine – and even once probate has been issued, executors must then face up to the complex and time-consuming business of cashing in assets, selling shares, paying debts, selling property, claiming life insurance policies, and any other relevant matters.

It would be fair to say that the larger and more valuable an estate is, the longer it is likely to take to receive probate.

Furthermore, it is also true that where there are assets in an estate which need specialist valuation, there may be delays in the process until satisfactory professional valuations have been obtained.

Sussex probate solicitors as well as those in the rest of the UK, have an obligation known as the Executor’s Year. Typically, this gives a solicitor a year in which to execute the instructions under the will and to collect and disburse the testator’s assets.

Is a probate solicitor necessary?

In simple and straightforward cases, probate can be handled by laypeople with relatively little difficulty. However, even the simplest seeming of cases can sometimes thicken to bewilderingly levels of complexity.

If, for example, the terms of a will are unclear or if an asset or will becomes contested, the advice and impartiality of a professional can become invaluable.

Independent specialist Sussex probate solicitors

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