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The decisions necessary in making a will are rarely, if ever, easy. That is why having an experienced, understanding and knowledgeable wills solicitor to assist you through this process can prove to be invaluable.

Divided loyalties

The 21st century family is a very complex beast and no two families are ever exactly alike.

Against this background, with the needs and interests to consider of dependents, children, grandchildren, partners or spouses and ex-partners and ex-spouses, making a satisfactory will that reflects your loves, loyalties and concerns can be extremely difficult.

A solicitor who is experienced in will drafting can help you make a practical decision that always remains emotionally informed, thus helping you ensure that your estate passes on to those who survive you in the way which best reflects your hopes and wishes.

Other concerns

It is not only family that some testators wish to provide for. We all live in communities and our wills often reflect this.

Whether you want to leave money to a local charity, charitable trust, or a local school, business or other community concern, there are ways of doing this which can be cost effective for those involved, particularly from the angle of inheritance tax planning.

Faith, worship and wills

Although Britain is, in many ways, a more secular place than ever before, religious and faith-based communities continue to thrive.

If you wish to make a will in keeping with your faith or religion, whether it relates to Christian principles or Shariah law, our wills solicitors can help you draft a document that reflects this while also remaining valid under the eyes of UK law.

Wills solicitors in West Sussex

George Ide LLP’s wills, probate and trusts solicitors believe in giving clear guidance and advice to help clients write the wills which reflect their wishes while also protecting the value of their estates.

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