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Wills solicitors in Bognor examine why leave a final will and testament

George Ide LLP wills solicitors in Bognor can help you ensure that your last will and testament accurately reflects your wishes and that your estate is distributed in the way you wish.

Why leave a will?

Each year hundreds of people in West Sussex alone die intestate – that is without a last will and testament.

However, the will is the best and only realistic financial instrument you can have in place to ensure that your assets and estate are distributed according to your wishes once you die. If properly drafted, the document is legally binding and cannot be successfully contested, meaning that you, rightfully, have the last say.

Where possible and desired the financial and asset planning in wills can also ensure a legacy in place for succeeding generations, providing such things as housing, education, and a higher quality of life for one’s chosen beneficiaries.

However, leaving a will is not only about financial imperatives, it can also be about demonstrating ones sentimental feelings, even when the assets involved are of little monetary value. This can help in the aftermath of your death, ensuring those close to you have some level of certainty, as well as important mementoes or heirlooms to remember you by, providing both legacy and continuity. From this perspective, leaving a will can be said to have a strong psychological aspect.

By leaving a will you also have the opportunity to make a statement about your life, whether it is a desire to show generosity you felt unable to demonstrate in life, an attempt to make amends or express regret or, in some cases, be an act which serves to embody certain principles or questions of morality you believe to be important – many people leave large sums to charities because of these reasons.

Finally, as a last will and testament, the document can also be an opportunity for the testator to encapsulate certain aspects of their personality or life narrative by clearly laying down their after-death intentions.

Wills solicitors in Bognor, George Ide LLP

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