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Wills solicitors and considering all aspects of an estate

Instructing a wills solicitor to write a will can be about so much more than ensuring a clear and unambiguous document which states the testator’s wishes for the future of his or her major assets such as property and investment portfolios.

Sentimental possessions

All too often, the passing away of a family member intestate (dying without a will) can result in distressing and undignified squabbling between beneficiaries – unfortunately, these arguments may occur even when a will has been written if it has not been drafted with care and attention to detail.

Surprisingly, the majority of rows following a death in the family are caused not by disputes about property, valuable possessions or large sums of money, but concern small and sentimental possessions of relatively little financial value.

There are many reasons for this – not least because a death in the family can rekindle memories of the past and result in the bereaved investing great emotional significance in particular objects.

Having a well-written will that makes clear provision for all aspects of an estate, including smaller, sentimental possessions, can ensure not only that a testators’ wishes are carried out but also that the transition of an estate from testator to beneficiaries is carried out as smoothly as possible, with the potential for traumatic conflicts greatly minimised.

Digital legacy

From photos, to books and music, an increasing number of our possessions are stored digitally, online. Because of this more and more wills solicitors are being asked to include provision for online possessions when writing wills.

If this is not done there is a risk that these possessions will be lost when the owner dies.

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