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George Ide LLP | Dispute resolution specialists

George Ide’s dispute resolution partners are always quick to understand and respond to our clients’ particular circumstances. We have a strong client base in the South of England, including West Sussex, and, in particular, Chichester.

Real estate dispute resolution

George Ide’s dispute resolution partners take steps to use the law to the client’s best advantage, whether you are engaged in a service charge dispute, a boundary dispute or a professional negligence dispute or other contentious matter.

Regardless of whether we are pursuing or defending litigation, we always seek to provide the most amicable and stress-free solution possible.

Our lawyers have all the experience, expertise and qualifications relevant to achieving successful outcomes, from arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution to the serious, court-based litigation.

In addition, as a full service legal firm, our service extends to all related matters, including development work, contentious lease renewals and cases of surveyor, valuer, conveyancing solicitor or estate agent negligence (see below for a broader list of specialisms).

Our partners work in cases involving both residential and commercial property disputes and bring creativity, innovation, experience, knowledge, clarity and dedication to every client and their circumstances.

Our expertise extends to, but is not limited to, the following types of real estate dispute:






















George Ide residential and commercial property dispute resolution

Contact George Ide LLP for practical and supportive dispute resolution advice.

Where possible, we are committed to early-stage and amicable dispute resolution. We have a wide ranging client-base in the South, including developers, private property owners, landlords, tenants, hoteliers, retailers and more.

Discuss your options with our team today, so that we can take whatever steps are necessary to secure your best interest.