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Claiming after suffering professional negligence

When you employ the services of a professional but then find their advice or work has not been of the standard required or expected, you may be justified on calling upon George Ide LLP’s professional negligence solicitor, Ian Oliver, to help you achieve recompense.

It may seem difficult to question the judgement or abilities of a person who appears to have more knowledge of a subject than you do but everyone makes mistakes and if you believe you have been let down by someone, such as an architect, accountant, lawyer, financial adviser, surveyor, planning consultant, engineer or estate agent, whose poor work has caused you financial loss or who has otherwise been negligent then you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Ian has wide-ranging expertise and is able to offer comprehensive advice and a cost-effective representation service to enable disputes to be resolved quickly and efficiently, often without going to court.

At George Ide, we believe in clarity of communication with our clients, especially in complex cases of professional negligence, and, at the same time, offer a value for money service from an experienced and highly competent professional negligence solicitor who is dedicated to using the law to help those in need.

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