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Before you begin a negligence claim against a professional, it is important to consider whether it has professional indemnity insurance (PII) in place to cover the likely costs of a settlement.

In fact, most professionals are legally obliged to have PII cover, although, even in the unlikely event that the defendant in your case does not, it may still be possible for professional negligence damages to be paid from the value of its assets.

Mandatory PII

Most professionals are required by law to have PII cover in place. These include:











However, in reality, any professional who owes clients a duty of care should have PII in place. In addition, it may also be useful to have PII in the event of third party claims.

Who is PII for?

Principally, PII is designed to protect the interests of the professional and to prevent the risk of financial ruin in the event of a claim, although in practice it means as much to the claimant as to the defendant.

Duty of care, breach of duty and financial loss

Of course, for a professional negligence claim to be paid out, liability must be demonstrated.

This will depend on proving that there was a duty of care, that this was breached and that significant financial loss has been incurred as a result.

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