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Conveyancing in Chichester and avoiding over-development

Conveyancing in Chichester and the surrounding areas is an enjoyable and varied role which brings George Ide’s house purchase solicitors into contact with all sorts of interesting people.

Everyone has different tastes, and different requirements from a home, so thankfully West Sussex has a lot to offer potential buyers, from rambling thatch cottages to modern tower-block flats.

Having a wide range of properties available in an area can have very positive effects on cities, towns, and villages, but it is important not to mar a locality by over-developing.

Chichester District Council is always careful that any proposed new builds will not harm the character of the neighbourhood.

In September and October 2013 two separate appeals by housing developers were launched after the council turned down their initial plans for constructing new homes.

Concerns were raised by the authority about one of the builds spreading out further than the existing urbanised area, harming the surrounding rural area and potentially the character of the location.

In both cases the council was worried about the mix of affordable and private homes, and about the scale of the development and lack of supporting infrastructure for the new properties.

The council does not discriminate between large and small developments either – always thinking about whether or not they will harm the area rather than the number of people it will attract.

One of these builds was for 22 houses, and the other for 50, and both did not achieve a successful application first time round.

Contacting a conveyancing solicitor in Chichester

If you are thinking about moving into one of the many homes available to people looking for property in and around Chichester, George Ide’s professional and experienced residential conveyancers could help you navigate the legalities of house purchase safely and efficiently.

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