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A conveyancing solicitor in Chichester can help buyers with a contract

When it comes to buying a property, a buyer will need to seek the help and advice of a conveyancing solicitor in Chichester or elsewhere across the country to ensure that the sale goes through properly and help prevent any problems arising.

In order for a property to be sold, and for the residential conveyancing process to reach completion, a legal document, known as the contract, needs to be drawn up, agreed with and then signed by both the seller and the buyer.

The contract is prepared so that legal ownership of the property can be transferred from the previous owner to the purchaser and outlines details such as the agreed selling price of the property, the property boundaries, any fixtures and fittings which are included with the sale and the date of completion.

Also included in the contract is information about any legal restrictions and rights on the properties, any planning restrictions as well as a description of the services to the property, such as gas and drainage.

The seller’s conveyancing solicitor will draw up the contract with help from the seller, and once the buyer has received the documents, they have an opportunity to negotiate any terms if they think it is necessary to do so.

To ensure that the buyer understands the terms, a solicitor will usually go through the contract with the person buying the property and advise them. If the buyer does choose to negotiate anything, a solicitor can carry this out for them.

Although the seller is not required to voluntarily offer information about any problems with a property, they should answer any enquiries truthfully.

The buyer may also wish to ask their solicitor to find out from the local authority whether there are any planned road works or developments in the area, check the ‘title’, which is the legal document proving that the seller owns the property, and ask the seller’s solicitor any further enquiries they may have about the contract.

Once both the buyer and seller are satisfied with the contract, they can move onto the next stage of conveyancing – the exchange of contracts.

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