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George Ide LLP | Experienced house sales solicitors

George Ide LLP’s house sales solicitors are committed to providing the client with a first class legal property service for either the buying or selling of a house or flat.


George Ide provides clear guidance throughout the legal transfer process, lending expertise on any technicalities which may affect the title of a property whether mortgages, leases, or some form of arcane legal restriction.

Our expertise brings benefit to all stages – before contract, before completion and after completion.

Our main aim is to bring peace of mind to the client, whether it is in establishing beyond doubt that the seller is the owner and in a position to sell the property or whether it is a question of ascertaining whether there are any factors which might affect the future sale or mortgage of the property.


We act clearly and efficiently to ensure that the buyer’s solicitor has all the necessary documents, and prepare draft contracts for peace of mind.

Property solicitors

Our experience and expertise is not limited to house sales, we also undertake work relating to site development, plot sales, transfer of equity and leasehold enfranchisement.

House sales solicitors in the South

Buying or selling a property can be a difficult and stressful process. However, having the guidance of an experienced house sales solicitor on your side can help ameliorate the stress and smooth the process.

George Ide’s property services team are leaders in the south of England. To find out more, contact one of our partners shown on this page.