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Which residential conveyancing solicitor’s for you?

The time has come to purchase a house, and whether it is the first home you will own, the house you will enjoy your retirement in, or an investment property, you will need to instruct a residential conveyancing solicitor to ensure a smooth, legal, and confident transaction.

But who should you choose to carry out your transaction, and what should you look for to ensure that the solicitor is right for the job?

Choose a specialist

The more experience and qualifications your residential conveyancing solicitor has the less risk you incur. At George Ide LLP we have many decades of experience and our members possess many relevant qualifications, including FILEX qualification.

Go local

Choosing a local specialist ensures that your conveyancer is familiar with local protocols, processes, and potential pitfalls associated with an area’s topography, weather, planning applications, and deeds. Sometimes it may also mean prior knowledge of a particular property or transaction.

George Ide LLP is based in Chichester and Bognor and has been serving West Sussex and the South Coast for many years. Our knowledge of these areas can be invaluable to our clients.

Clarity on fees

There are few things as frustrating as dealing with a professional who is inconsistent or vague about matters related to pricing. Here at George Ide LLP we have earned a loyal and satisfied client base through always being as clear and straightforward as possible when it comes to pricing. Where a fixed fee is relevant we will apply it, and where fees change as a case develops, we will always keep you informed.

Information systems

At George Ide LLP we may be a traditional law firm that is long-established as one of the best on the South Coast, but that does not mean that we have not embraced the future. We carry out prompt and effective searches by using the latest available technologies.

George Ide residential conveyancing

George Ide is an independent legal firm on the South Coast, our residential conveyancing team work all over Sussex and bring clarity and confidence to property transactions. Talk to our office in Lion House, Chichester, for more information.